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Well, I was so motivated after going to Oregon and seeing all the cool kids cars, I just had to have one.  Actually, my wife really likes the goons.  So here she is.


Trailer ride home:



















She has a running L18, Weber 32/36 carb with a 5-speed.  Not sure which one yet as I haven't had time to get under there.  Konig wheels (I believe) and lowered on rear blocks with potentially cut springs up front.  They are the stock 510 struts, but will be replaced as I go.  The interior is crazy nice.  The headliner looks brand new all the way down.  And the box O' parts has all brand new steering ball joints, new wiper motor and a header.


Her she is in her new home:




Might be a minute before I can get into working on her cause I still gotta finish the 2-door.  Super nice for a great price too!!

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Not bad at all, like the rims. The dogleg has reverse above first. Those seats (as most all Datsun seats) are killer uncomfortable. If you're not a purist get something from a wrecking yard that works for you. Upholstery and comfort have come a long way in the past 50 years. If you end up putting the header on be sure not to throw the exhaust manifold away.

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The seats are nice but I haven’t ridden in them yet so I’m not sure how bad they are. I’ll take your word for it though. Not to worry Mike, I never throw anything away! All these parr’s are too hard to find and I want to keep these gals alive!


she was in Port Townsend.  Second car I picked up there so far.

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I had a set and there was a bar across the bottom that if you sat back and hit a bump your tail bone would come down on. You can always sell to someone that wants stock seats.

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The L18's are in demand by the SCCA & some vintage race guys to conform to displacement rules, so if you sell, aim for them!  Most street car guys are going L20B or some variation of a later NIssan twin cam swap!  Nice project!



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 Yeah not sure where I want to go with it yet. May leave it stock. But I’m sure my wife is going to want to change it for a comfortable seats

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I have an L 20 already, but I’m just not sure I'm going to use it this one. I might keep the 18 just cause it’s interesting.

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Yeah I'm definitely going L-motor and keeping this one a single color.  Not going crazy like the two door!

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4 hours ago, mrbigtanker said:

Nice man. Stock seats can be repadded for better comfort but need help. I weigh 325 so could be that. Can’t wait to watch the progress. 

They look nice, but are, yes, uncomfortable as heck.  Going to look at as many wagon pics as possible to see where I may go with her.  My wife will have a big influence in the seats as she will have to ride with them also.  I'm about 140lbs behind ya, so padding for me is not too bad an issue!

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I typically use the 87-up Acura Integra & 88-98 Honda Prelude.  Personally I don't like the Accord or Civic, except for the kinda RARE 88-91 Civic Si's......those are nice!  I think many of the Subaru seats will fit, but never had any.  I always use the slide rails that come on the seats, not the 510 rails.  Most will require some trimming & bending of the rail ends/feet & sometimes a spacer or three on one or two of the rail ends/feet.  Once trimmed, you really should weld in some small gussets to re-strengthen the rail ends/feet.  The fronts are usually even with each other cuz they mount on a raised sub-floor/sub-frame (just like the 510!), the rears are often staggered cuz they mount on the floor pan.  I usually don't use the original 510 stamped steel seat risers, cuz the later seat slide rails look pretty stout to me!  Hope that helps!



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Thanks for the ideas fellas.  I do like BMW seats.  I’ll let you know where I end up down the road with lots o pics!

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I ended up using later model 3 Series BMW seats in my wagon.  They were a lot of work getting them in there, but they look period correct and they are very comfortable.




That wagon looks like a nice straight builder.  Nice score!



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He bought it at the car show in Seattle or Renton sometime back.  These guys have decks...although, not sure which ones.  





Other than that, not sure where else, sorry.

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Ok, now that the Mazda is done.....Time for the Goons turn.




Doesn't look too bad.  Needs the usual cleaning and polish treatment.  Only time will tell if there is anything under the coating.






Nice custom driveshaft with the sticker still attached!




Complete with bumpstops!




Plan is to take the engine and trans out first.  Will go through all of it and make it fresh.  The wiring harness has been gone through by someone else and will take some good work to put it back to normal.  There are wires everywhere. 


Let's start the redo.....cue that's 70's music for motivation!! 

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