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Datsun 120y Rear bumper dimensions - are there differences?

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I was wondering if anyone would know the Length and Width of a JDM rear bumper datsun 120y? 


Reason I ask is because I been talking (trying to anyways) to a few Malaysian guys online and one guy was kind to reply back to me about having a set of JDM bumpers for my datsun b210. we been speaking weekly because he is very slow at replying back to me and takes about 2 days or longer to get a response; again I don't know why but its ok at least he's replying. He did show me a few pictures and told me that they were the Japanese version bumper. He also said that the measurement was different from an original JDM bumper because these are new.  


 Im ok with a reproduction but the only thing that has me thinking is that he said the Width wasn't the same.

His measurement was:

-Length = 155cm  

-Width = 15cm


Now 155cm in inches is 61.02  & 15cm in inches is 5.90 


My question would be: what is the dimensions  or measurements of an original jdm rear bumper?  If you have an Australian bumper that's ok too, you can add that measurement here too, in case someone wants to know measurements on a AUS bumper


Im just curious because I want to know what he is talking about in difference and i couldn't find measurements or differences  about JDM bumpers vs the rest



*** I don't know if my eyes are playing tricks but doesn't one rear bumper look longer than the other one? I ask him about this and he said that the  bumper type that he  is selling is the car pictured below.  so i guess that puts me at ease






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How much was he asking for the front and rear bumpers or front alone?


I have both front and rear mounted and went and took a tape measure to the rear.


Measurements of a JDM rear bumper are as follows: 56 inches long by 6 high (as mounted) depth from flat back in the middle to face is 2 inches and from the curved most edge rear to face is 3 inches. Opening on the JDM license plate space is 14.5 inches.

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I was ripped off $650 USD from a cunt in Malaysia for some B210 bumpers!!!


Edit: To answer your question, NO. There are no physical dimensional differences in B210 and 120Y bumpers, including sedan and coupe. Coupe and sedan front bumpers are the same, but the rear is different. The coupe rear bumper has reflectors in the lower corners whereas the sedan does not. I have 120Y coupe bumpers on my 4dr sedan.


Edit: That smaller bumper in your pic is probably for a 1200.

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oh wow that sucks big time!  I hate when people rip off others that only want to enjoy a hobby and work hard to maintain it. 


just a quick update on this.  I decided to not deal with the person because he wasn't being too clear in what he has and was hard to get in contact / get a reply from him. He would reply to me within a week to 2 weeks! (coconut signal?). in the future maybe i can get them but as of now I live with what i got and invest the money in something else. 

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