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'81 810 wagon doors?


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I recently bought an 81 datsun 810/maxima wagon that'd been t-boned. I'm hoping to find undamaged doors but my local pick and pull yards don't have any cars of a similar make or model. I'm not looking to go cross country so is there a website or catalog I can find the required parts?

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No one will be making them because the market is obviously not there. This isn't a '69 RS Camaro. Best bet is a wrecking yard (there are thousands if you look far enough and you can do this on line) or you find one parked/abandoned, or you find a car for sale.


It would appear the front L&R doors are the same for sedan and wagon but the rear doors are wagon specific. This is most likely due to the differences between the sedan and the wagon roof line. '81 through '84 should be the same.

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I figured that, I was just hoping that there would be some new-old-stock, much like lmc truck. I plan to browse the scrap yards around here, but I'm not too certain. The person I bought the vehicle from explained he couldn't find anything but a 280z in the yards. I'm also unable to go cross country for the moment, so that's ruled out 

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They can be shipped cheaper than going for them. I'm sure there is a data base for wrecking yards who are members. You would ask it for what you want and it would search member's inventory to locate a car that might have what you want.

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I've got a 1983 Maxima 4dr SEDAN complete roller (no engine, trans or rear diff) in north Denver if interested.  Put on Denver CL this morning for $450.  Doors are very clean & maybe the B pillars are the same if you need.....??  I can also part out & ship, but can't do anything like that until after the New Year (too busy over holidays).  FYI the 68-73 Datsun 510 4dr & Wagon rear door lower SHELLS are the same, they simply have a different UPPER glass frame that can be cut out & swapped..............there are enough 510's around to find 4dr OR Wagon complete doors, so I've never seen anybody actually do that, but I was curious & looked into it a while back!   For an 810/Maxima of this era, rear Wagon doors might be harder to find.  Let me know if interested!



Denver CO

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