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J16 alternator


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Hello, everybody 

       I’m looking for any info on a j16 alternator. I purchased a j16 and it only needs the alternator. By any chance does someone have info where I can purchase one and would be a upgraded alternator as well. Thanks, and take care as always .

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 Only the J13 was imported in the mid '60s 520 truck. One of those might fit but very low output. 


I think Mexico had J18s and J15s in the 620 or maybe the 720 trucks. Mexican 510s had J series engines. Where did you get it? The J16 was, I think, strictly a JDM use engine. Was it imported?  


An early D21 Hardbody truck had a Vee pulley and about 80/90 amp output. Make it fit. Your harness needs two pair of wires to be joined together to convert it for internal voltage regulator.



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Generally when Nissan makes an alternator they are used on several different cars and engines so the mounts are different but the alternators are basically the same.

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I have a GM 1 Wire from a 1980s(?) Camaro on my 1965 Datsun 320 with the E1 engine. Bolted right in...Had Scott and "The Rebuilder" in Auburn, WA even build it for the positive-ground electrical system.

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