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New Carb time?


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hey everyone so I am looking for some advice, awhile ago i took apart my stock hitachi carb to rebuild it and clean it out in hopes of making my truck run better. Well fast forward to about a month ago I have hooked everything back up, new fuel lines everything it doesn't want to start unless some starting fluid is used as well as it refuses to idle at anything less than 2400 rpm.

( usually  starts at 3400 rpm until choke is open) So i am thinking i messed something up on reassembly, most likely fast idle cam? or it could be something even worse, i have a book but no idea how to adjust the fast idle cam it appears to just be limp, no tension on it. So to fix it i am either thinking bite the bullet and purchase a weber 32/36 and hopefully fix it or go through a service like carburetor exchange and receive a new hitachi carb that has been serviced and cleaned and guaranteed  to be drop in ready. what are your thoughts? lets assume me taking aoart the stock carb i have messed it up beyond fixing

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Fixing is always cheaper than buying a $300 Weber.


Max fast idle is 1,800- 2,200 RPM. If you haven't changed this adjustment when you 'rebuilt' it then it should be roughly in this range. Could be the secondary is not closed all the way. I've had this happen and it was sticky. I pushed it closed with a pencil.

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yeah you are right  fixing is always cheaper,  but i am at a loss, i will check the secondary to see if it is open slightly, another symptom is when running at the high rev range,  hitting throttle does nothing so it makes sense maybe secondary is stuck open.

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Well partly open. Stuck and the vacuum diaphragm probably can't open it further. Push up on the diaphragm rod at the rear of the carburetor but hold the throttle at least 1/2 open. There's an interlock that prevents it opening.

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Buy a NEW Weber 32-36 & call it good / eliminate further issues.

Keep the Hitachi for wall art or toss it..

Yes a new Weber..adapter plate & air filter assembly + shipping will be around $300 but youll get many years of reliability & performance.

I bought mine from...


DGEV is electric choke...

DGV is manual choke...

Happy shopping 👍

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