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70 Datsun 521 newbie


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So, while waiting on wheels, finished up my steering wheel. My steering wheel was too far gone so decided to go with a Grant wood wheel. The Grant 4591 adapter fits great but leave a 1” gap so no horn or turn cancel. I found a 3.25” Dia. x 1.25” long 6061 aluminum stock for a spacer for $20 shipped . I used a exacto knife to carefully cut the glue holding the copper ring on the grant hub adapter. Took the aluminum to a local machine shop and had a recess milled in each end, one for the copper ring and the other end for the hub adapter. Then the center has milled out for $50. 

fNp7qsb.jpgI then added 5 holes to the spacer, one for the horn wire, two for pins to cancel the turn signal and two I tapped for a screw to mount the adapter. 

4QgwmHY.jpgpainted the out edge, assembled everything on the column. 


Pretty happy, no gap and the horn and turn cancel work. 


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So the truck had no radio or speakers. My only requirement was Bluetooth and ended up going with a RetroSound Model2 with 4x6 speakers in pods. The Model 2 has lots of adjustments for mounting.  First power, there was three wires in the radio location.  Blue is 12V constant: check. Black is ground: check. Red green is switch 12V: nope. No idea what it’s for?? My wiring diagram says a blue white wire comes from the ignition, pulled the ignition connector and I see the blue white is fried to a crisp.  Pulled of the dash cap, untapped the wire harness and pulled out the crispy blue white wire.  Didn’t damage any other wiring. Added a new wire and tapped up the wire harness. With the dash cap off, the radio install is a breeze. Just a couple of adjustment fits and mounted it up. The speaker pods were easy enough when pulling out the kick panels. 




The radio plate came with the truck, not sure where it came from. 

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Got my front smoothies in finally and mocking up. Fits fine. Thinking trim rings? Also taller tire as the gap is 1.75” now?  What do you guys think. MOYEnVX.jpg


US steel smoothie 510 series 16x8. Tires are just for mock up but they are 205/50

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Dude your doing it right so don’t stop. Wheels are so subjected to what we like. I hate 6 lug wheels others do. Rock what you think. Everyone’s ideas are not wrong but go your direction. Love the steering adapter. Great idea. I have a rare watanabe wheel which uses a Momo adapter. Texas Datsun I love it. 

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3 hours ago, mrbigtanker said:

I do have a brand NOS Nissan V912 head for sale. Look it up, closed chamber still has the cosmoline on it. I don't need it so I will part with it. Let me know. 


I heard they are no good for the street.  Too high compression???

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1 minute ago, Crashtd420 said:

That really depends on what pistons they are paired with....


I’d buy that head if had any clue what an

optimal street setup would be?  Meaning could I drop this on my l16 block? 

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16 minutes ago, d.p said:


I’d buy that head if had any clue what an

optimal street setup would be?  Meaning could I drop this on my l16 block? 

No you would actually drop compression on an L16..... best pair would be that head with flat top pistons...


On the L18 and L20b it would raise compression....


Stock L16 210 head is 38.5cc


Heads used on L18 and L20b 

Closed chamber heads 41cc 

Open chamber heads 45.3

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