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r200 Diff. parts needed for conversion nonlsd to LSD

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Anybody have a list for parts needed to convert NONLSD R200 Differential into a LSD diff?

Any recommendations? 

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You will need thee LSD of course, with the correct splines for your axles.

Those things come in several different spline counts.

I have an R200 Nismo LSD sitting here that come all the way from Japan at my expense, that is for the big R34 GT-R splines.

Unfortunately, it was supposed to be for something else, like a 29 spline S13, or a 30 spline S15.

All I've ever used it for in the past 10 years is parts......

Funny, the plates in it were a perfect match for the H190 I have in my truck.


Then you should have new seals, and a good selection of bearing shims so you can properly set gear mesh.

Wait, you didn't know the bearings had to be re-shimmed ?

Better plan on taking it to a dealer then to have it them set it up.

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