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Upgrade for my B210

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Hello. I have 3 B210 hatchbacks (yes they were hard to find) with plans on a KA in one and a SR20 in the other. I need to ask about the one I want to daily drive. It is a 1975 and has an A14 motor and I upgraded it to a 5 speed already but it has no acceleration and I feel it is in the carb. The timing and point gap are good even though I would like to change it to electronic ignition. So my questions to the group are:


Is there an inexpensive bolt on carb upgrade?

What electronic ignition would you recommend for an upgrade?


I fell in love with these B210's back in the early 80's when I bought my first one and took it to Okinawa, Japan where I got stationed for 4 years. These cars are allot of fun to drive, but I remember mine had allot more acceleration in the day. Also, I can't go anywhere without someone commenting "I havn't seen one of those cars in years". Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.



Los Lunas, NM

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The remote igniter EI was used on all '78 vehicles and replaced on the '79s with the matchbox. Any 210 A engine will have one.


Take for a highway drive of 20 min. Pull over and remove the plugs and inspect the color. A partially blocked jet will restrict fuel flow and run lean. White, extremely clean is lean and dangerously lean. Light tan is about right. Black sooty dry is too rich. This plug reading may point to a problem but first check the valve lash and ignition timing. Retarded timing will run sluggish.

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First Off, Thank you for the responses. I have decided to go with the Weber 32/36 carb with the electric choke. I'm still waiting to hear from Pertronix about the electronic ignition. As for looking for the remote igniter EI or the matchbox, these cars are nowhere to be found around here anymore and am not sure what to get online and not get screwed with chinese knock off crap. I just want my B210 to move a little faster like it should. I will take it for the 20 minute highway drive this weekend and check the plugs, but will check the timing and vavle lash first (I check them cold). Any ideas on maybe getting a header and more aggresive cam? Any input you give is appriciated.

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Better to set the lash hot. This is where they run. A cold lash setting will probably work but it assumes that when hot it will be correct.


An EI ignition probably won't make it measurably faster but it does eliminate cleaning/adjusting or replacing the points. It also produces a hotter spark.


For an EI for the A series try a want ad in our classifieds... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/

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