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Found a set of good 16" tires . . . .

seattle smitty

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I  don't come here a lot, but whenever I do, I have a question, have no luck at all with the Search function, and worry that I'm annoying y'all with an old worn-out topic. 

So here's another.  Heading home this afternoon, I passed a yard sale, stopped, backed up, parked.  Some gal, with the usual gal-stuff, but she did have a nice set of four little-used Goodyear P225/60R-16 (I didn't catch the rating) for $80.  I told her I'd think about it, but they looked good enough that I figured if I waited somebody else would grab 'em, so I took a chance and they came home with me  .  .  .   "the chance" being that I might not use them and will have the hassle of selling them.  

What I want to know is if this is a usable size tire for a basically stock 1981 720 pickup?  And if so, what donor cars (if any) will have cheap steel rims with the  right bolt pattern AND the appropriate offset to keep these tires from rubbing anywhere?  I tend NOT to like the idea of a big diameter rim plus short sidewall tire (50 or 60 series) combination on a truck, which is just what this combination would be, but as I say, I took a chance,  and maybe some of you guys will tell me you've tried it and it works fine.  

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Well, I know that tires all have a date of manufacture on them. 225/60R16s are about 1" wider and 1" taller than stock so about 5% out on the speedometer or 2.5 MPH @50.


Try Google search and add Ratsun at the end and it will supply ratsun info first. If looking for a B-210 part try putting Datsun B-210 rather than just B-210.   

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