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Starter kit for wanna be Datsun hoarder...

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I hate it when people want to clean out their garage or storage unit, but it's all or nothing....

Who thinks like that ???

Maybe they should just call the local scrap metal yard, they will take it all at once.

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1 hour ago, Eric said:

I don't see the problem. Buy the whole lot. Sell what you don't want and you make money on it and have a 620 for free when you sold everything.


You can buy 620's around here for nothing. As a result you can't sell them for all that much either. Plus single cabs.. if they were KC's we might be talkin. Other parts are a bit too random. Lot of effort to sell of all that extra stuff. But could be a good deal for someone looking to put in the work.

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On 5/15/2019 at 6:23 PM, datzenmike said:


Probably an L28.


No, in the ad the guy mentions that the Asian fuel injection would be good for a 510 or a 620, neither of them ever came with a 6 cylinder nor is that a common conversion, below is copied from his ad, this statement makes me think L4.


1 complete Asian fuel injection system that fits a US L series engine.
Using the SX electronic package on the L series you have modern fuel injection
on on your 620 or any 510 L series engine. (nice conversion)



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