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Door weatherproofing help

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Hey Rats... long time no talk.  


Been a long journey back from my nine knee surgeries, but I'm finally able to drive my bee again.  


First thing I noticed was a massive stupid on my part, I forgot to weatherproof my doors after putting on my new door cards.  Now they're all nasty and the nice fake leather I had on them is all pealing back, and well it's just a disaster from the ground up.  So I'm going to have to redo everything from scratch.  


Question though, is what kind of vinyl plastic is best to put on the doors, and what kind of glue (black sticky stuff??) should I use to keep it attached to the door? Under the door cards to help keep the rain from coming through and damaging them.


Thanks for any help and hope to see you guys a little more in the future.



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In true ratsun fashion, I bought a 7$ shower curtain, cut it to shape on the door, and used a 3M weatherstrip adhesive to make a water-tight seal. Takes about twenty minutes on each side. Make sure to clean the surface clean, otherwise you wont have a perfect seal. One full sized curtain will cover at least four doors. 


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lol awesome!   I broke down and bought some painters stuff that's moisture and mold proof, it's a thick vinyl sheet.  Was only $12 at home depot, then I grabbed some good sticky stuff from the auto parts store.  I've got my passenger side done, but I'll be working on my driver side over the next week or so when I have time.   


Thanks for the pic :)

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