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Just bought a 1979 620


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In very basic shorthand you will need to get a picture hosting account, something like Image shack or Ingur, there are dozens but I strongly suggest NOT Photobucket. Have a look around, most are free often with an extra charge for more options, but the basic will do the job. Load and store your pictures there and when you want to use one here in a post go and copy the picture information and bring it to Ratsun. Paste the picture in your post and viola! I'm no good with explaining this and this is a very abbreviated explanation.

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16 minutes ago, Jetscat7 said:

Oh really?  I did not realize it was that easy.

I'm going off my knowledge of my 521 with king pins and what I've read... I believe the only real difference is you have factory ball joints, but everything else is fairly similar to earlier models..... 

You will still have to deal with a little realignment on the front.... as the front drops the wheels will camber in.... 

But I think that's as simple as removing a few shims where the upper control arm bolts on to the frame.....


Rear is straight axle so just get the angle blocks to keep the pinion angle correct but it should be just that easy..... others probably have a part number, I dont.....

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So I just had all the vacuum lines redone and confirmed that there all in the correct place.  Now the truck wont idle at all.  It seems like the gas pedal response is very bad.  Would that be a fuel delivery issue now?  It did sit for awhile before I got it running.  Also the vacuum lines were all messed up or missing.  So now the vacuum lines are done and I will look into other issues.

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Wouldnt be the first time some one has tried to tune to a vacuum leak....

Start from square one, 

Make sure you idle and air screws are set right and timing is good.....


Has the carb been cleaned at all?

If not check that too.... may just have a clogged idle jet.... 

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Needs spark and needs gas.


Spark.... pull plug wire off and stick an old plug in the end. Lay on grounded surface and try starting. Is there spark??? Yes... goo the gas.


Gas..... Check front of carburetor glass for fuel level. Got gas? Pump several times, accelerator pump will squirt enough gas to start. Start now? yes but won't idle. Shut off and turn ignition to ON OFF ON OFF and listen at rear of carburetor for the idle cut solenoid to click. No click = no gas to the idle circuit. Follow wire back to plug at front of carburetor and connect. Should idle now.

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