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Wideband gauges.

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3 minutes ago, Crashtd420 said:

Innovative motorsports is the brand I am using..... I know they sell them on Amazon.... about 150 I believe.... 

I think this is the new model.....




I bough this brand  off the recommendation of others here, and so far I am very happy with it.....

Complete with O2 wide band sensor, wiring, bung and all???


..and thanks.

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I put an AEM 31-5130 into my car.  I like that the analog face matches better with the analog guages of the car.  Seems to work well, needle moves plenty quick.  I can say since adding it and an MSD my car runs phenomenally better.  Unless you are using a Wideband, it's really just a guessing game.

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Damn thing arrived yesterday!! Usually 3 full days after the day ordered. They said Thurs but... ? Looks good. Now we had a really dry March with  5mm of rain rather than 105mm and unseasonable warm. Hope April is the same. Got to get the manifolds off. Best way to weld that bung is to remove the down pipe from the car, you know, the custom 240sx to L16 down pipe?


It'll have to be after the merge point...





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Because you want to measure ALL of your exhaust, I'd put it in the collector just above the horizontal plane, after the last 2 pipes join together.  In that 4" or so piece of larger pipe.  If you run the sensor too close to the engine, it'll fail prematurely.  That's an Innovate issue.  They sell an adapter to extend it out of the pipe if you're too close to the manifold.  This is the same gauge we use in the race truck.  I use an LM-1 (now LM-2) for portable tuning, along with their tailpipe clamp.  

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Installed, calibrated and working. Started, but still cold, it reads 14.9 to 15.1. Haven't messed with the idle mix screws.


Does not start very well. Pulling the 'enrich' thingie didn't do much. After about 8 tries with it catching a bit more each time, away it went. Restart is perfect! Cold start no so much. I used a Windex bottle and sprayed each inlet once, and it lights off. Have to refine my starting technique.

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Ive killed two of those innovate guages 😞 and many sensors. I cant blame the sensors due to running leaded fuel, but both guages died quite quickly with zero corresponance from innovate. Wont buy their shit ever again. I had my sensors 18 inches away from my collector and had good results when it was working. I hope your experience is better than mine has been.


mike are you running sidedrafts now?

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Yes... R-1 Yamaha . There's a post from 10? years ago when this was popular.


Maybe I need to read some more. Not complaining about the gauge, it seems to be doing what it does. Engine runs VERY well compared to the Hitachi. Just surprised that it is reading so rich.

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It's close to perfect if just cruising. 14.7 I think is perfect and indicates all the gas and air is being used but for acceleration power it should drop lower like low 13 maybe into the 12s slightly.

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Carbureted vehicles don't like stoich.  They like 13-14:1 at cruise, 12.5-13 at WOT.  Keep in mind the gauge may be skewed as well, and you need to figure out that skew by tuning until it runs well and use those numbers as your baseline.  I'd add some fuel.  Starting hard when cold is indicative of being too lean.  

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The gauge is calibrated by turning it on in open air. I guess it reads the oxygen content which iss (more or less) universal. Then it is installed in the pipe.


I'm planning a trip so I want good cruise mileage. Performance is secondary, unless I was at home.


This is an R-1 carbs set up so no accelerator pump. They are constant velocity carbs. There is an enrich lever that (when running) smooths out and raises the idle when cold and the gauge does run richer with it on so I assume it's working. I pull this out (on) but doesn't start. Gas squirted from a Windex bottle in each carb and boom! away she goes. Restart is fine even when just warm. 

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