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rear disk conversion and E Brake


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Got the Wilwood conversion kit and it has no provision for an e brake. What are you guys out there doing to replace the e brake?

I have looked into a hydro lock but those dont work as an e brake, more of a parking brake I suppose. 

Now on my daily driver it has a foot operated push on push off type of e/park brake, have never used it (car is an automatic) and in an emergency I dont think I would ever react in time to use it.

That said my DD is a newer car with many more safety features, and I would think less things to fail in the braking system. 

Is there a solution? I am thinking a hydro lock would be better than nothing. And while a drift style hand brake would work and are inexpensive, I am not sure about the look and effectiveness of one of these.


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Per Troy Ermish, park-locks aren't reliable for long duration holding of the vehicle. The pressure will eventually bleed down and the car will be free to move. That being said, I gave up on my "inverted" rear disc conversion to retain the factory e brake cables on my 510, as the e brake never worked worth a damn even when connected. So i have a bungee cord attached to a rear seatbelt anchor, that i hooked the other end to the shifter while its in reverse to prevent "pop out". Granted, the car can walk in gear as well if parked on a steep hill, but you just gotta be smart where you park. 

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Yep well how often do you use your e-brake without parking, don't need it right! I have had my 720 over 30 years and a couple of days ago hit the brakes to make a turn and the pedal went soft (major Pucker factor). Turns out a hard line blew, I didn't use the ebrake at the time but used it to limp 1 mile home. I am in flat ass florida the small 4 cylinder engines don't have much compression braking. Brakes are second to steering but not by much, there are aftermarket shaft kits for brakes if the current kit does not have an E brake function. Brake systems are nearly foolproof but it doesn't take much to break the chain. Worked on the brakes today, new softlines, hardlines and antirattle kit, restored my lost confidence. Truck brakes like new and e brake works to lock up the rear end at least on dirt. When thinking about brake function think of your kids in another car ahead of you! I don't mean to sound like an old curmudgeon but kits that offer "upgrades" without an E-brake feature are just wrong.

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