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New Brake pad won't fit on rotor B210

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I had a mission this spring to update a couple of items on my 1976 datsun b210 and the first thing I wanted to do was refresh the brake system starting with the brakes..... well I hit a speed bump at the moment. As the title implies I can't seem to fit my new brake pads on my rotors on my car. the pads are from Autozone's duralast brand but that shouldn't be a problem.  I was wondering if there is a trick to it or is there something wrong. I push the caliper's hydraulic-thingy all the way in and still doesn't fit. pads sit ok inside caliper but when installing onto rotor thats where my problem begins  


I also tried ordering front calipers but they seem to be out of stock EVERYWHERE. I did order a set from summit from Raybestro but its a special order since its out of stock as well and they will notified me on 5/1(hopefully)   part #s: agb-frc3023 and agb-frc3024


*** bonus question : what size threads are the brake lines? M10?  I know they are 3/16....i think.  reason i ask is because I wanted to look for new lines but are non-existent  and from what i read on datsun1200's website I have 4 opinions    http://datsun1200.com/modules/mediawiki/index.php?title=Brake_Lines


  1. get pre-made lines of various lengths and bend and install it yourself
  2. get brake line material and fittings and cut it, flare it and fit it
  3. pay a shop to make and install custom lines
  4. buy genuine brake lines from Nissan and install. The ute parts are still available, and most will fit a Sedan or Coupe.


so I found a few guys on ebay that sell brake line kits and was thinking of trying from one of them 



I do have pictures on my camera and phone I just don't know how to load it here





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unless there is another model car that i can use brakes and calipers from that is more available and an easy bolt on - plug and play deal?

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It may be possible that the B210 uses a "floating" caliper similar to the 1200. If I remember correctly (old guy, suffer from CRS), I had the same issue with a 1200. The caliper on a 1200 is basically a 2 piece thing. The "hydraulic thingy" is in the main body of the caliper which slides on the mounting bracket. When I first looked at it I did not realize how it worked. Being that the B210 is mostly the new 1200 (back then) there are some similarities.

To post pics on this site you will need a hosting site like Imgur. Just don't use Photobucket...….we don't like them and they don't like us.


If we could get some pics it would help.


Also, I think that suspension from a 79-80 210 would work but I am not sure how much would need to be transferred.

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I had a new '76 B-210 and had the same thing. The newer pads were thicker. Probably manufactured in N America and used the closest measurement in inches from MM for the pad material, maybe the metal backing is thicker? I think (this was 40 years ago) I just rubbed the pads across some sand paper on something flat. This knocked down the thickness a mm or two and on they went. Naturally you want the removal to be as even as possible so the pad is not wedge shaped. As long as you can get them on they will bed in as you drive.


Be sure to clean and lube the sliding contact points on the caliper. I uses a lithium grease as it doesn't melt and run onto the contact surfaces.

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ok i figured out to use image upload. let me know if this is ok in size and if they are visible


right now I am waiting for the new calipers from summit racing which they changed their date to 4/24 availability.... hopefully i can get them sooner. I also ordered a set of 20 brake lines so that i can go over the car.


I didn't think of sanding the  pads. any type of grit? is it ok to go a few centimeters? it won't effect stopping if i did that? (im sorry for the stupid question there). I don't have a problem with the inner pad its the outer one that doesn't go - its a little big and rotor in the way.


I have another question its about the caliper, what is the deal with the outer side of the caliper where the brake pad sits, there is a slight raise. any special function or is it extra metal


I have the non-bracket caliper

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Any chance one of the pistons in the caliper is not fully retracted?


I believe you. As the rotor will not have gotten thicker (if anything it may be worn thinner!) it must be assumed that the pads are thicker. You don't have an original Nissan Pad to check but if you did I bet it's thinner than the after market ones. 


I'm not saying to 'grind then down' that's up to you. I'm saying I made mine thinner to get them on. You probably only meed to remove mm's (millimeters) a mm is 0.040" Rougher grit works faster, wear a dust mask.



The raised part? You'd have to post a picture of it.

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no i don't have original nissan pads just those duralast ones. I did look online for different pads just to read measurements, they have slightly different sizes but nothing too crazy. it annoys me when something like this happens and its sets you back a few days to figure out whats wrong or if you are doing something wrong but again Im not an expert on the datsuns but we love them never the less. 


this is the slight raise i was talking about, its almost the same amount i need for the pad to pass between the rotor, believe it or not.


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No, that's supposed to be there. Is the piston pushed back all the way into the caliper? It may be hard to move it, try a C clamp with an old pad to protect the piston.

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oh ok then I thought it was a factory casting / extra excess metal. Yes I did use a large C-clamp and its push all the way, rubber is worn and torn in two places though. I hope they (summit racing) have some (calipers) in stock and ship them out as soon as possible. I don't see another way other than sanding them down like you said. I want a safe and reliable car this summer for my father and I can drive and enjoy and that actually stops on a dime.


I don't know why the calipers are out of stock everywhere I look. ebay has a few left sides but thats about it. Im guessing its because its the non-bracket type  

hopefully the back rear brakes don't give me trouble, Im ordering parts as we speak - shoes, springs, rotors, wheel cylinders, ect

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So, that is a "floating" caliper. The cylinder may well be pushed all of the way in. The bracket that surrounds the cylinder/piston is designed for the piston/cylinder to slide on. My thinking is that the cylinder/piston needs to move back on the bracket. If I remember correctly, I had a bit of a bitch kitty doing brakes like this the first time.

Also, in the pic you have of them standing on end, with the locator pin holes at the top, it looks like the new one is taller than the old one. That could just be an optical illusion.

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Just ran out and took some pics.

At the back of the caliper, depending on how far you have taken it apart. Make sure this little doo dad is not keeping the cylinder/piston from moving back.


If you look at the bleeder nipple, just above it you can see the metal "tang" that somewhat holds things together. The cylinder/piston could possibly slide that far back or until it bottoms out on the rear opening on the bracket.


From a different angle.


The cylinder/piston is fixed, it is actually the bracket that "floats".


You may already know all of this but I thought I would share what limited knowledge I have

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thanks KELMO for those pictures, they are very clear and I didn't knew it was a two-piece caliper. 


ok at the moment I almost done with the brake system = 75% to 80%.  The brake lines from ebay did work like a charm and I replaced the whole back and the two small front pieces where it connects to the calipers. My brake drums are brand new, wheel cylinders are new, brake shoes and pads are new, brake spring kit for the rear are new and adjusted rear shoes to 2.25 turns on driver and 2.50 turns on the passager side. 


As for the calipers, I couldn't get my Raybestro calipers from summit racing and the date was being pushed another whole month, so i cancelled them. Now for some reason i can't seem to find them available anywhere. anyone knows where can i purchase them new/rebuild? 



At least now I know how to change rear brakes from a datsun & I finally got rid of that horrid red paint













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On 5/7/2019 at 8:22 AM, docbainey said:

tried that and its all "out of stock". hell i even submitted to be notified whenever they become available again.  summit racing had the same problem, order on april 15 said it will be in their store by 5/23. that time came and they pushed it to 6/25 (what the hell man) - I canceled the order. Im looking thru ebay but all they have is the driver side AND even they told me that they don't have it on hand at the moment.  Are they this hard to find and order?


I just wanted to drive with a new set of front calipers and be done with my whole "brake update project" because the passager side is a bit rough/worn ... I'll have to keep looking

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