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Help. 240sx intake swap

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🙄😩😫it’s really hard all this... but I try to explain..  1- 240sx throttle sensor have 2 plugs. D21 throttle sensor have only 1.   2- 240sx IAA unit have 2 plugs.  D21 IAA unit have like 5 inches of wire each thing, but they go to a single connector.  3- 240sx Air regulator where Is going...       I have pics but I don’t know how post in this place 

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Your going to have problems if you are trying to do an entire intake swap. So much easier to fix what you have. I have the 89 240sx on my 95 truck ka. I did this for the stand alone harness on a swap. Manifold to head ports don't match well and have about a 16th inch sealing surface on one them. It does look cleaner but you will be chasing parts for a manifold only offered for two years nearly 30 years ago. Let us know how this turns out.

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Yeah I daily mine without issues but the port match bothers me. (I guess I have issues!) I do have a car head that will swap a truck cam into "someday" and clean things up. He is about to tackle the wiring which has stumped a lot of folks into giving up on their truck, anyways I guess have at it. Like koHeartsGPA said why? I am curious too. 

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My head just exploded, what do you mean by port not matching?, I used a KA24e out of a 96 d21 and the complete intake, harness and ECU from an 89/90 240sx, I had 0 issues with matching up the ports, they both have the same intake manifold gasket....my swap is in a 77 620.

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They bolt up just fine, they just don't match very well internally. If you get a ka full gasket kit off ebay it will probably come with two different gaskets. One for the truck head and one for the car head in the kit. At least that is what I got and hold the gaskets together. The bolt holes are perfect but the  intakes are a different shape. If I remember the cooling passages were perfect. Anyways it has been a while but it was one of those things that bothered me the ports were not the same shape. Maybe I got an oddball but I bought an entire engine from a 1989 240sx for the intake and power steering pump and other bits and brackets that cleared that manifold. Put it on a 1995 truck engine one area had me scared it was so narrow it might not seal but it has held up fine. Pulled the car head to be rebuilt one day and dropped the rest of the block at the scrapyard. These were used engines so maybe something else different about the heads. I just know they were not a perfect match 

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