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Any other guitar players/builders?

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On 5/11/2020 at 3:33 PM, ]2eDeYe said:

Dang, knocking them out 😄


Yeah, just need to get one or two sold soon...  😅


Glued up, edges routed and sanded...





Gonna do the neck route tonight, but still undecided on pickups and bridge for this one. Standard Jazzmaster bridge/tremolo is most likely, but thinking either P90 pickups, or some Filtertron pickups I have taking up space...  

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Made my first sale today! Woohoo! Got the fancy offset Tele sold finally. New owner seems to really dig it.  👍


Funny thing was hearing it plugged into his monster Blackstar tube amp, how much better it sounds against being played through my dinky little Fender Mustang v2 amp...   😅

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32 minutes ago, Lockleaf said:

plus i bet an injection of cash into the guitars doesnt hurt any 😁👍


Yeah, I'm hoping to use that cash to finish a couple of others, then got those sold, and the cycle goes on.  👍


My dream is that for once in my life I could have a hobby that pays for itself, instead of just costing me loads of money...  😄

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Got my matching guitar and amp finished.  The guitar is a '61 Custom Shop Tele.  The amp is a Fender Pro Jr.  A friend of mine built a hardwood case out of poplar so I could paint it.  Both pieces together sound quite nice. 



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I played professionally for a few years and really wanted a custom bass but couldn't afford one. A friend got me into building. I've built mostly basses, but also a few guitars. Just a warning before you look at them. I'm very much in the "mad scientist" end of electric guitar/bass construction. I've thrown out the Fender norm and gone clean sheet a few different ways right from the beginning. 










This is the latest one






Some others...








These are a sample of various things I've done. Mostly with recycled or salvaged local timbers. I don't build anything you can buy off the shelf and design most things from scratch myself. I've messed around with various kinds of bolt on neck joints, was well as multiscale frets and weird neck profiles. All for my own fun and well outside the mainstream. I tend to design guitars more like a car designer than you're regular "cover everything in sparkles and fancy paint" guys (not that there's anything wrong with that).

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Got back on the bamboo jazzmaster this weekend...


Masked off the face and back, then painted the edges red (weird lighting, it's really red not a funky pink/orange)...





Then I painted the edges of the face/back in the same red in a bit of a "burst", then painted the whole thing transparent red...





Then piled on a shitload of clear, and waited for that to fully cure/dry.


I did the final wet sand and buff today...





I am digging it...   👍

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Finally got the ice cream sandwich back from my friend who did the finish on it for me. He has a fancy spray rig, and since this is for a customer I wanted it to be perfect...





Rear input jack done...





Neck installed...





Bridge and tremolo installed...





Had to stop there because I am waiting on knobs and pots to show up...



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  • 4 weeks later...

Good to go, and it sounds killer...






So killer in fact, I immediately started on making a guitar for myself with the same pickups...  😄


My neighbor makes cool custom furniture, and was recently making a dining table from red oak. When I saw his pile of "scraps" I said, "hey, whatchu gonna do with all that?"...  😁


Bits cut into 1.5" wide strips and glued together...





Top did not come out perfectly dead flat, so it was time to learn how to properly use a hand plane...  👍






Then a bit of quality time with the router...






And I used some of the leftover bits to make a matching cavity cover...






Thinking of staining it either dark brown or black, but not filling the grain, just putting a satin clear on it. Thoughts?

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