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1981 210 coilovers?


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just curious, does anyone have a preferred brand of coil overs they run on their 210? mine is streetable to an extent, but i’m pretty sure my shocks are blown out so the ride is rougher than fuck. thinking about going with weld ons... any suggestions? 

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Replacing the coil springs won't fix worn shocks. How would it?


If your struts are original they will have oil bath dampers that can be drained and the thin oil replaced with motorcycle fork oil that is thicker. I'm running 20w in mine. Thicker viscosity requires more energy to push through the valves so the damping is much improved. Cost? About $15 US for a liter which is enough for three struts. If they have already been replaced with inserts there's no getting around paying $120+ each to replace with something substantial.


Always replace all four corners. You'll need a good pair of gas charged shock absorbers on the back.

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