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1974 Headlamp problem...

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I was looking around and can't find someone with a similar problem...


Anyways, I have running lights/signals but no lo beams. Brights work and the low beams come on with them. Not a daily so not a major issue, just want it fixed.

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The headlamp relay can only be in one of two positions Hi or Low beam. When OFF it's in Hi beam position. When you turn the headlamps ON and select Low beams the turn signal (hi/low) selector grounds the relay switching it ON and Hi beams go out and Low beams come on.


The headlamp relay is between the rad and the battery on the engine side of the rad support near the headlights. Find it and have someone turn the headlights on and turn the hi/low switch on and off. You should hear or feel the relay clicking. If not the relay may be stuck or the ground at the hi/lo switch is not working.


The relay has 4 wires....

Red............... power from headlamp switch. If high beams come on then you have power here.

Red/Yellow... to dimmer (hi/low) switch. Grounding this wire trips the relay to low beams. Try this. If nothing happens the relay is stuck. If the lights switch to low beams, then the dimmer switch is at fault or the wire to the dimmer.

Red/White.... to hi beams

Red/Black.... to low beams

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