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Rat-a-tat-Dat's '79 720 rebirthing of 'Helios'

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The colors are not something I would do, just not brave enough I guess, but glad to see it on someone else's truck. ūüĎć

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Air filter sizing is limited to the year of production and design, so they're obsolete ( the rectangular air filter configuration ), unless obtainiumite is a thing?

Another option is to down size the brake booster diameter, and create a larger gap between the carburetor and the booster assembly.





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An easier option for sure because I've recently located one. Unfortunately this 45 year old booster will have internal deterioration of its diaphragm and seals, so a 

rebuild is in order.


I'll also have to modify the original pedestal for alignment and perfect fitment.IMG-0597.jpg

Noticeable difference where it mounts to the firewall and bolt pattern on the back of the booster.

. IMG-2440.jpg

The extra air space I gained between both items is approximately two inches, more than enough room. 

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Nice work!  Are you color blind?  LOL

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lol, when I was younger, I liked to decorate Easter eggs!

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Picked up my rebuilt booster today, brought it home and will now forge ahead with primer paint and choose the right colour to either accent or blend in with what I have already.

Some more thoughts about this truck were to 'christen' it with an authentic name, perhaps a subtle and strong name but with a background of meaningful insightfulness...."Helios" sounds about right. He's the Sun God, driving a golden chariot pulled by four steeds across the sky. Ok, so maybe the chariot is the truck and perhaps the four steeds are the cylinders in the engine but he was the representation of the sun. Right there, it implies reference to the insignia for the Rising Sun. I'm sold, so now I'll refer to this newly acclaimed truck as "Helios". Thank you very much! 



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Another encounter is the exhaust down pipe, after the manifold, to clear the transmission and torsion bar. I'm using the two-to-one down pipe configuration and the closeness of proximity is challenging. The best optimal and most acceptable route through this maze has a few too many bends for my liking, but hopefully in the near future I will be converting the front suspension and eliminating the torsion bar set up. Sorry for the picture quality, it was too dark and the auto focus was too slow.


If you can make out where the down pipe touches the transmission, you'll notice the wear marks on the paint. Just focus hard!


This is the area that I need to route my exhaust pipe through.


Time to be creative. If only I had a MIG welder...

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Created a mock up tool. I used the old exhaust heat exchanger accordion type tube ( from the exhaust manifold up to the air intake housing ) because it maintains the right curvature as required. Then I can modify the exhaust into an exact duplicate.



The angles are very complicated, despite what you are seeing in pics



Remember, I'll need to create two of these. Top over bottom and seam them into one



A radical bend initially before making a sideways S curve and then twisting up past the torsion bar before joining both of them together into one. I will be making a new plate and weld it all together, like the original for proper fitment. Still searching for the downpipes exhaust gasket.IMG-0739.jpg


Last leg of the down pipe runners before they are attached to existing exhaust




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