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Sark plug choices.. NGK lines

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Want to do a tune up fo my K24 .I'm getting NGK wires .

Now I have always used NGK plugs standard or V power. 

I'm looking  at the NGK

G plugs


Lazer cut plugs 

V power 

Regular/ standard 

Any feed back if there will be a difference at all ?

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Will they pay for themselves, unlikely. Will it run better?... no more than any new plugs. Find out what the plug is that comes on the KA and get them.


Lazer cut plugs.... wow hard to argue with that. Must be worth 3 extra hp per plug.

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irriums are 8.99 a pop, just go reggies, v or g power

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I can't remember the last time I bought new plugs, 90 for sure.. I always have several heads laying around with the correct NGK plugs in them. Best thing is an EI ignition so they fire clean. I've got over 10k on the ones in my 710 and they are the ones that it came to me with.

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since OPs probably not coming back, i snagged 6 irriduim IX plugs from an is300 guy for 35 bucks (6 plugs) for my LS400. i figure 53 bucks is cheaper than 8x8.99 plus tax if i bought them legit

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