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80 210 fuel system trouble shooting

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 Ok next phase of trying to get the car back on road. The 80 car has a 77 a14 and Chinese replica electric distributor installed. Only running of brake cleaner and bowls filled. Car sat for 2.5 years so lines may or may not be plugged. Original sender was functional prior to sitting. As of now no fuel pressure. So far I've just tried to get fuel into the rails by filling the filter and plugging it on the bottom. Slight drip at the hose end of rail to carb. No vacuum canister so I plugged the hose at that line. I also tried to see what taking lines off pump as well, disconnecting filter hose and rail hose. I poured fuel into the upward facing rail line and it flowed right out the filter side line, without obstruction (but not sure if stuck  in position.)The car has incomplete wiring so not sure if sender is getting current aside from no dash or gauges at this point (but sender shouldn't affect pump?) So basically engine sputters until bowls empty out, and I had a little bit of fuel pass into rail from filter. Does canister affect pressure? I will try to blow air into the tank. Sat with 3 gallons which I drained. Got at least a gallon of fresh gas now but nothing is going from line to filter or tails. Any tips?



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The mechanical fuel pump is relatively robust and unlikely to fail spontaneously. I'm not saying it might not have gone bad, but I would consider that lower on the probability list, especially as they tend to leak rather than just fail.


Most likely would be a blockage in the fuel line. An easy way of blowing it out I've found is to use a piece of gas hose hooked to the metal line and a standard tire air inflator. 


Basically, put the longer gas hose on the metal line and then use the tire inflator with your hand and hold it on the fuel line to push air into the tank and blow out the crap.


You can test the pump itself by throwing some gas line into a container with some gas and hooking it up to the pump and pulling off the line to the carb and crank the engine and see if any gas comes out.


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Just a dribble gets to end of the rail. I only blew into the outlet line. Would the canister line make a difference?. Finally got a gas cap which helped, but still not psi enough to keep it running.  FYI a got a late 90's Sentra mid pipe(between cat and muffler) and it bolts on the a14 manifold. 

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