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Ebrake conversion for 620 kc 5 speed


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I’m playing with the idea of converting my under dash ebrake to a between the seats tunnel mount.  Every manual trans car i’ve had, has had a tunnel mount ebrake, and I miss it.  I haven’t found any references to such a project.  (Rear drums)



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When I fabbed everything up to connect the rear disks to the factory ebrake handle - it ended up being pretty easy. I married a combo of the Isuzu brake cables to the Datsun ebrake handle cable and used 3/16 (or 1/8" - I cant remember) with cable clamps from Home Depot. I cant imagine it would be any more difficult.


I dont know where you would mount the handle on the tunnel though. If my memory is correct, the removable trans plate is pretty big and I dont think you want to mount to that because you might yank the plate right off the floor..... (heh-heh...I said yank...).




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I am interested in details on this as I want information/costs, etc. I might want to change to a tunnel mount to get the cable away from going through the firewall. Currently the cable angles down through the firewall and almost directly into the exhaust manifold on the SD-22 diesel motor. Too close, it will probably cause major problems with the e-brake cable because of the heat from the exhaust. A different angle for the cable going through the firewall (maybe the 720 series?) has been mentioned also. Can't make a proper decision without good information.

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