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OL Dato Not been cranked over for 6 years, bout time for the joys of a truck

Datsun R Fun

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so i was getting ready to go pick my truck up and it had not run in over 6 years. i was wondering what you all might suggest i do when i go to get the truck and attempt to drive it back to where i am.


so far on the list is change fluids in tranny, rear end, motor, . remove gas tank and clean it out, then try to flush fuel lines and replace some fuel filters, then when parked needed a new wheel cylinder. i would like to know the most vital things since cash will be tight.


also need to get to bottom of carb issue i was having before i parked it.


to have the truck where i live i need it to run at least well nuff to move to another space occasionally, last i started it it would do that much.

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How far does it have to go?


Check tires and air pressure.

You can drive carefully on just the front brakes if it gets that bad.

I wouldn't worry about the trans/rear end change just top it up. Same with engine oil. top it up. This is no time of year for that.


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it's about 40 miles one way to where i am from were truck is. 


plan thus far is get to truck and evaluate the present  state of road worthyness . tires , lights, brakes long as fronts have not siezed up it had front brakes, the rear wheel cylinders one was seized when parked it .

what is the easiest way to get the old gas in tank out of it ?

should i worry about cleaning old gas outta carb ? 


what might be the differences between 1978 620 FSM vs 1979 620 FSM ?


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Why not tow it? If it should quit or the brakes blow out or any amount of other things that would immobilize it or make it unsafe for you and other drivers you'll need to tow anyway. Two many unknowns about the brakes or if it's even reliable enough for 40 miles. Tow it. If towing take the drive shaft off the diff and tie up out of the way. Or trailer it, even better.

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trying track down some one i know with truck and tow hitch. not sure i could afford to do it any other way at moment. can afford trailer rental, just do not have vehicle with tow hitch, or be able afford that right now. i will figure something out, even if it means i rebuild the brakes where it sits, so in other words i must wait and save the pennies where ever i can.

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I rented a uhaul truck and auto-hauler did about 280 miles round trip. It was about 250 bux I think? Plus fuel. Pretty reasonable.


I just checked, for the same setup, for 100 miles, it's $80 plus fuel. If you want the insurance, a few bux more. Totally reasonable!

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what is best option to fix exhausts , where the manifold meats pipe the joint some idiot tried to cut slots into the metal on metal seal, and put in a donut that was carved up real Bull crap job, if some one had researched that part i bet they would not have modded it in way that has happened. so i think i need to fix but would like to know if there is common way to get the flanged end so i can make a good seal with the stock exhaust manifold? or is finding one in junk yard or dato enthusiast the best option?


brakes should be good to go soon , put all the brake parts on order except the hard lines , so as long as they have not developed leaks i will not have to replace the hardlines, if they have failed then will have make my own. got the truck started and seems to be running about as good as it was when i last drove it, rather fix brakes at place it sits right now, cause the price of brake parts is cheaper then the rates i been quoted to get truck an trailer or dolly . along with fact i am not really supposed to fix my car where i live , but do have buddy that let me use his drive way if i need to.

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