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New 1983 Nissan 720 4x4 King Cab


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I was driving down the street the other day with my dad and we came across this beautiful Nissan 720 with only about 70000 mi. I said screw it i had been looking for a hardbody or some other import pickup. Its a great truck and it runs pretty good. But the interior is pretty bad but its perfect for me. Im 17 and i live in CO, i blew my money bought the truck for 3000. I just think its a great vehicle and has a lot of history. I put new shocks in the truck and replaced little bushings and bullshit here and there. I just want to know what are the main things i should look out for? Is there any place in the z24 engine i should be checking for wear or anything else? Also, i have 2 different seats in the driver and passenger one with fabric and one thats vinyl i think, so were could i find interior parts and carpet? Is there a seat that bolts up without any mods? Also my starter turns the engine fine but occasionally it just wont turn over and ill have to cycle the ignition 5 or 6 times to get it to turn over. Thanks for any help! Just been feeling all lonely because no one where i live knows how to work on these things and ill be honest i dont really either but i want it to run good and look clean in the interior. Thanks again!

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What wayno said, cold re-torque. Just be sure that only one bolt is loose at a time. This will keep the bolts tight against the gasket. The Z24 tends to blow the head gasket at 100K mile intervals. Do this once a year and avoid this.


Intermittent start could be the ignition switch and it could be the starter but because it's cheaper and easy to check it could be the actual start signal from the ignition to the solenoid. That's the small Black/Red stripe wire (if manual) or Black.White wire. (if automatic)  First make sure it's on there snug and simply not loose first. Otherwise pull off and check the voltage with a meter while turning the ignition to START. It should read battery or 12 volts. If it's 7-9 volts the solenoid isn't getting a strong enough signal. (caused by old wire and the long run from the battery all the way inside the cab to the switch and all the way back) What you can do is get a relay and use this weak signal to apply a stronger one from the battery. It's called a 'hot start relay' and is wired like this...





On 2/19/2009 at 12:34 AM, nukeday said:



I'm going to do this on my truck, and leave the 30A fuse out. It's not ready to start, but I want to test the rest of the electrics. ?


You could run a jumper wire from the positive terminal and touch it to the starter solenoid terminal. Make sure you are out of gear. If it starts turning every time unlike the ignition switch then I would say it's not the starter or the solenoid but a weak start signal from the ignition.

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90s 300zx seats fit with little effort.  I believe Isuzu trooper and dodge neon seats are also known to nearly bolt in.  Don't get electric seats unless you want to relocate your ecu which is under the drivers seat.  Most electric motors hang down too low and hit the ecu.

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