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82 720 noisy fuel pump


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After changing out my fuel filter the pump is making a loud gurgling sound as if it is sucking air through it. There was only a quiet hum before I changed the filter. Anyone know what could be causing this? It's still delivering fuel as normal. I can drive around with no issue, but I'm concerned about damaging the pump. I took a video so you can listen. Any advice?

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If it sounds like it is sucking air guess what. Ethanol is not kind to fuel lines, only a short length from tank to pump so go big and replace. Use automotive fuel line. I decided to use "ethanol resistant" marine fuel line thinking I would solve the problem permanently. Nope ethanol liner inside line collapsed and that was fun tracking down that issue. Maine? I am in Belfast area during the summer never see another Datsun, road salt got em.

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This is the filter in the twist off bottom? Maybe not sealed or filter wrong size..


 My 710 has all original 43 year old fuel hoses. Never use rubber, gas will dissolve it. I don't know if you can even buy rubber hose today, it's all synthetic.

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