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Strut removal


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First I'm new here and new to this truck.


I've read this great write up and have done my best to follow it. The only difference being I have drum brakes. 








This is the passenger side (Drivers side in US) the steering knuckle side is coming down slightly but this side does not seem to budge. 




I've used a bit of force. Any suggestions? 



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Here you go. The arrow is pointing to the bolt I posted in the first picture. 




This side is starting to come down but I would not think it would take this much pressure/work to get it loose. These have been off before as the guy before me had the whole truck sitting lopsided. 




Thanks about the rims. They are a massive 13" and will be for sale one I get an offset set of wheels (probably next year at this point). 


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Place a hydraulic jack under the lower control arm and lift it up level, or more level. I think it's kinked and the strut bottom with the drum wants to extend straight down it's length or even outward but the lower control arm can only swing down in, in an arc. This might allow you to get the bolt out but HAVE A CARE! it will be under some spring tension when you lift up. Keep clear. When you lower it should just fall apart. I've had the same thing with struts but the bolts always came out, it was just hard to separate. I always have to pry down on the LCA and it pops out.

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Well I got them off. The passenger side was not easy and it took two grown men an hour of beating it with a hammer, spraying it with PB Blaster and finally getting a screwdriver in enough to pry it apart.  You can see the fine paint job the guy before me did. Who needs to tape? 

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