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Cluster lid problem


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Hello again,


I was planning to remove my cluster lid to wrap it with a vinyl decal because it's broken. After searching ratsun.net for all the good information needed, I gave a closer look to my car and saw the following problem: the cluster lid seems not to be touching the instrument panel (sorry for my English ^^ , I hope you understand). Consequently I can't reach one screw and I postponed my attempt because I'm far away from any other avalaible cluster lid I think.


What's your opinion ? 


Pictures :


1550424982-52474472-418121148729940-4897 (I tried to illustrate where I think the cluster lid should be touching the instrument panel.





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If it helps.... pull switch all the way out, grip the bottom of the post with needle nose pliers and hold tight, push in on knob and twist to release it.


Just push in on the plastic fascia, carefully, and it should flex enough to get at the screw. Maybe remove all other screws first. Looks like some other owner pulled on the plastic and broke it because they were in a hurry. Probably to put that dash pad on. Too bad. Don't forget to unscrew the cigar lighter.


While it's off take the switch into a hardware store and try different fine thread nuts. Probably metric. Maybe a car stereo installation shop? They have tons of those threaded parts.


Ah oui oui!!! French. So everything will be metric there. Thanks for inventing the Metric system! ?

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