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best carburetor for Z24

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looking for some more performance/gas mileage. will a carb help with this, if so what carb do you guys recommend. if not, what can i do to improve millage? 

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You won't get a better mileage carb than the original one but if you want a bit more performance then a 32/36 Weber is the ticket. Trouble is there are counterfeits from China.... you need to avoid those. A kit from Redline has gaskets, adapter plate, air filter and even a connection for your valve cover breather hose. Pierce Manifolds also has the 32/36. Not sure it has the complete kit or not.


The Weber does not let you use the 720s ATC system so if you drive in near freezing and high humidity weather you may at times suffer from carb icing. Members on here have successfully trimmed their stock Hitachi air filter to fit the Weber to fix this.

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It's not which is cheaper but getting an original Weber and not a fake one. Someone else here will be able to help you who has done this.

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Okay. It’s just that I’m kinda on a budget right now.

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If that's the case do a total tune up so that you know you are running at your best performance and mileage and leave it at that. Throw in a carburetor re-build.



Want a 10 % or more increase in mileage? 


Check the tire pressure weekly and run 2- 3 PSI about above the minimum.

Empty any crap out of the bed. If it has a cap and you are not using it take it off. Every pound uses gas to speed it up and take into town and back over and over.

Check the front end alignment by looking at it. If it's bad enough to see then it's out.



Practice driving without using your brakes. Just remember that every time you have to brake you are throwing away all the gas used to pull your heavy assed truck up to that speed. The winner is not the first to the red light. Look up ahead for brake or stop lights turning yellow and let up on the gas and slowly reduce speed. Anticipate the traffic and space yourself behind the driver ahead so you can slow without braking when he slows. I ride a bicycle and it's a lot of work so I coast to a stop to stretch out my speed I worked for. DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT often you can approach and catch a green light where faster drivers have to stop completely. It takes more gas to pull away from a stop (not even counting idling there) than if you are moving and accelerate away. People are naturally competitive and try to keep up. Pick a slower speed and drive in the right lane. If you think about it there's really no rush unless you make it so. Leave 10 min earlier.


Avoid long warm ups over 20 seconds. In cold weather if the windows are clear put it in gear. Gas engines will warm up faster driving them. In warmer weather start and drive away immediately.


Accelerate moderately and smoothly and avoid heavy throttle use. Use as high a gear as possible in town, select slower lanes, there's no hurry. Drive like there's an egg under the gas pedal .


Never gear gown to slow, that's for holding a speed on a steep hill like out in the woods.


On the highway, if traffic permits, let the truck slow slightly if climbing a hill rather than stepping on the gas to keep the speed up. 10 MPH isn't going to matter. Same on windy days. Run slightly slower than usual, traffic permitting. Pushing through the air take energy.  It takes FOUR times as much gas to go 80 as it does to go 40. Not twice, four times.

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