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what part or component connected to carb & vacuum lines up around carb , is associated with the automatic transmission ?

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i need suggestions to help trouble shoot and narrow down what part could be making the transmission act funny .


i think one of my parts could be sticking and or not delivering correct vacuum or is acting funny from cold weather


 because transmission staying in lock up issue tends to reduce or go away after everything warms up.


after changing out transmission screen and fluid

and replacing pan gasket

and cleaning up split trans hoses and stuff

i at least solved the trans fluid leak i had before , that was coming from cooler lines and around pan


i read many horror stories about the many "fix a transmission"  in a can

 so i dont want to go that route .


  if anything i will run this new transmission fluid for a while and let it get dirty

 then change out and run new and report results.


not sure if this is good idea or not

but i went to harbor freight and bought a pack of those high powered  magnets  # 67488

and put that in trans pan .

before i put new gasket on and reinstalled pan  .. to catch any dirt or possible metal debris moving around .

these are really hard to move on pan , once they stick, so try and put them where you think they should be .

i put magnets near where fluid line return dumps back in  from cooler


  since many other cars i have done all have had a magnet in the trans fluid pan. from factory





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 Don't you already have a post on this topic? https://ratsun.net/topic/75046-automatic-transmission-acting-like-it-is-remaining-in-lock-up-when-stopping-at-stop-sign/?tab=comments#comment-1600354 Including suggestions about tuning the engine to keep it running when in gear? How about using what you have already started and expand on it. You can also change the title to reflect different directions you are going with it.


Some people are going to see this for the first time and ask the same questions and make the same suggestions as the other one and won't know what you've tried.

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