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L20B & 4 speed ?


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So I've been looking for an L20B for nearly a month now with no luck... I just wanted to know if there's somewhere I can look for a motor besides Craigslist ,  offer up,  Letgo and here. I'd also like to know if a 4 speed bolts up to an L20. Ideally I want to find a 5speed but if I don't find one I'll use the 4 speed for now if I can. Thanks

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Try an ad here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/  ... Better plan on a rebuild done right. Take your time and it will last forever.


Does a 4 speed fit the L20B? Some do. Do you mean your L16's 4 speed? Yes it will bolt up but a lot will depend on what flywheel and clutch is on the L20B or if it even has one. Your L16 flywheel won't bolt to the L20B crank but if the L20B has a car flywheel, made for a 200mm pressure plate and clutch you could use your L16 PP and clutch on it.

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