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1976 datsun 710 possibly for sale


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Tossing around the idea of selling my 76 710 wagon. Kinda loosing motivation on the project. Only few pictures I have of it at the moment. I pulled the engine and disassembled most of it (in hopes of rebuilding it). I have everything to rebuild it including: arp head studs, are valve guides, oem aftermarket valves, rebuild kit, Weber carb kit, new distributor (I know there’s more I’m forgetting). Seeing if there’s any interest in the car as is! The fender flares were installed by the previous owner (rust free in the back). The hatch is rusty, but the body is clean.E0537FF5-8813-4A8E-A395-D7A56FD89B91.thumb.jpeg.2144653f4ad7bfecd4b00db2e84a0098.jpeg

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Buying and selling is frowned upon in the forums. If for sale (or gauging interest) it should be posted here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/5-datsun-vehicles/  ... in the classifieds where serious buyers will be looking. I understand lack of motivation but this is often temporary as it is winter and it's really hard to get out there even if you have a garage. Spring's around the corner and how would you like a case of sellers remorse all next summer when you could be driving that sweet goon around all over Iowa???


Start a build thread and post pictures of what you'd like to see happen with it. Build threads are self energizing and you want to do more so you can up-date it with small progress reports. Talk about what you'd like to do to it even if it seems like you're dreaming. Come up with ten crazy ideas and try the fit. Think about them, use and develop your imagination. Visualize it done and you're half way there. Winter is the time for dreaming. 

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