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510 differential question


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9 hours ago, thisismatt said:


Only helpful on fairly old Subarus at this point, considering spline count is different on the "newer" diffs. 


Center units can be swapped very easily though, so if you want to use the gear ratio on a newer unit and have an old unit, you can pull the center from the old 510 diff (suitable for 510 half shafts) and swap into the newer subaru housing with its the corresponding gears. I have done this on a number of R160 units to make a 3.9 LSD, 4.11 LSD and 4.44 LSD that are all compatible with 510 half shafts.


19 hours ago, rishidatsun said:

I want to upgrade the rear differential on a 510 with a subaru or a nismo differential. What axle do I use? 


OP what are you trying to get out of upgrading? Are you looking for a different ratio or LSD or strength? The short answer is you can use any R160, R180, or R200 in a 510... its just a matter of what other parts you need to swap and how much money you want to throw at it. 


More info on your car would help too... 

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