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New tires (and wheels?) For '76 710 2door

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My 710 needs new tires ... Wondering what other people have done - the car is ok not restored but good condition, not a daily driver ... Not looking to spend tons.  What fits?

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You need 13" to fit the stock 4 1/2 J rims. 165/70R13 Thirteens are not that common. Fourteens are scarce now too.


Wrecking yards are a great source for tires. Right place at the right time I got a complete set of 195/60R14. Someone must have put new tires on their dauhter's shit box and she scrapped it. All identical, made the same week, still had the nubs on the tread and $45 each. No one wanted them. Just keep going back and asking. Have them look out for you.


All Datsun factory mag rims will fit. I have '80-'83 S110 (200sx) 5 1/2J J 14" mag rims. Some of the 280zx rims (turbo) are 15"


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