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What Diff??


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It's an R160, same as stock.  No way to tell what the internals are.  You can figure out the ratio by number of turns, and you can check if it's a limited slip (or welded) by turning one output stub and seeing if the other turns the same way (if the other turns backwards than it's open, like stock).

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Pop the rear cover off. The ratio is stamped on the outward facing edge of the ring gear and non LSD will be obvious. 39:10 is 3.889 and 37:10 is 3.70.  LSDs are a two edged sword and welded diffs are scary dangerous.

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There's bound to be some revisions over the years and Subaru uses the same R-160  in their cars.


 If the ratio is the same and the carrier fits... just swap it entire. If swapping the internals you really need to have the gear lash set by an experienced tech.  You can (but should not) just bolt it in if you want long life out of it..

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