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D21 Roll Call

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I’m considering one of these pretty seriously. I need some inspiration. I know there are a few kicking around here. 


Post a pic of what you have or have seen and a short description if possible. 

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Duke, I am surprised you have not had a reply.

I have had two D21's an '88 and currently a '95. My '88 I bought with about 130k mi on it and sold it at 210k mi. My '95 I bought with about 160k mi and it has 190k mi.

I do like this series of truck and the 4 wheel drive has been dependable. There were lots of options available and I find a couple on CL here in the NW.

On my '95 and I am looking at rebuilding the KA24, it smokes and has low oil pressure.

A couple of things to look for are the compression rods and that pesky carrier bearing rubber.

The comp rods hog out the mounting point in the frame. I had to have mine welded up and new bushings.

The two piece drive line carrier bearing is easy to replace, I have done it 4 or 5 times. The rubber is the part that fails.

I lost some pictures I had due to pbucket and my computer having issues.

If I did not have my roadster project, I would be doing some serious upgrades to my '95.

Let us know what you get.


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Found an old picture of my '88 at Upper Priest Lake in north Idaho. There were seven of us with four canoes.



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I have had my 95 since i got my permit (15 years) and i love it.. always finding something to do with it


When i was a kid i had it on 31s and beat it to all hell in the woods but since then i have lowered it and its a cruiser now 


But by far one of the best trucks iv ever owned 



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I just picked one of these up as a project myself... turbo ka single cab...heres a link to pics of my new ongoing project



I just bought it off a kid who bought an Ebay turbo kit and got in over his head lol. I took a bunch of photos highlighting all the dangerous stupidity I have to fix but after tearing it down today I'm confident it can be fixed

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The current state of affairs...


348,000 miles and still ticking. So far I have just been catching up on the maintenance it has never had (and lowered it). The plug gap was .125”, for example. I’m surprised it ran. I really like it so far. 

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