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280zx Distributor Swap Won't Start

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Good evening everyone,


I have a '75 280z and I've started the process of swapping the distributor out for a matchbox distributor from a ZX. I've followed the instructions online at atlanticz.ca, verified that the plug wires are in the correct order and the car will turn over but not start. Just when it seems like it's going to start I'll hear a click and then the engine will stop turning over. The distributor is a new (reman) unit and the coil is a MSD unit. I'm using the 280zx distributor base, and I have the Dizzy's base plate pointing to the middle of the base tab, pending the car warming up to set the timing. The car was running fine prior to the swap. Any advice will be appreciated.




I've got the car running with the ZX dizzy, it needed to have the base plate re-indexed and it fired right up. Now my only issue is that my tachometer is not working after the swap, it's a '75 280z so I'm guessing that I may have an early tachometer that requires a tach adapter. Am I correct in thinking this?


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