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jəkZ (ジークス) 79 210


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What, another 210?!  jəkZ? I like to name em. But why!!!! 

This will surely end up with random chatter and some pics or at least I hope, as we endeavor into the mystery within.


Back Story: Scrolling though CL I saw a post for a 210 wagon. Said it previously ran and timing rattled so he tore into it but never finished. It sat and well ended up on CL of course, as projects usually do. Sounds good to me. It's local enough (7hrs round trip) and I haven't yet, owned the wagon variant. Just the others on the line up so this will be awesome. Contacted owner and arranged I'd pick er up asap. Which ended up being the next day, all day driving. Ya'll probably know the hassle of Uhaul, but I'll leave that for another post.


Next Day (Arrival Day): Left early that morning only to arrive close to 8 that night. There she was, in the garage full of cobwebs and dust. From what I saw and was able to get as info goes it originally came from Nevada. It is extremely "rust free". Much more that other's I've worked on/owned. Loaded with tons of goodies in the hatch. Federal emissions... We'll leave that for another post real soon as we dive into smog. Loaded er up and off we went into the night.


From here on it's in my possession: Next day got er all back together. Fresh tune up and new fluids. Course not without problems. She ran, idled and even drove round the block after sitting 4+yrs. As I investigated the origins I noticed the oil had some white color. Darn. We'll it looks like some gaskets shot. Course this is a first since A-series tend to be extremely reliable and dry. The adventures begun tho. This will be updated... I just don't know when how or why?...

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Je-kusu pretty low rent to give a story but show no pics.  Not saying I'm any better, but there aren't many wagons getting love, so let's see it!

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I apologize for leaving ya hanging. My og flickr used for Yoko isn't accessible, so I created a fresh one. The process is slow but here's some.








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Progress: Currently I've got the block taken apart for new new gaskets. Clean up and freshen up the head, etc.. Trans is dry and seal looks clean. Carby looks like it was replaced or rebuilt sometime which is great but who knows. Interior is in great shape so nothing there to do. First 210 that has water tight seals! They are definitely hard to get so that's a bonus.


Hoping to get er done soon.


List of things not, not to do:

Fuel tank/ delivery system cleaning.

Head to the machine shop.

Order gaskets.

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Dang it that's awesome, I wanted a round eye wagon so bad but couldn't find one. So I got a low mileage square eye instead. Shortly after buying mine several round eyes popped up ? 


Is it an A15 with 5 speed?


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Round eye grill; should swap onto it, but the 3 wire headlight plugs need the terminals pushed out and moved to new location for round bulbs. I've done this with a 720 harness in a 620 truck.

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5 hours ago, afracer said:

Is it an A15 with 5 speed?

I prefer the square eye grill, but round is growing on me. Wish it was a stick. It's an Auto, A15.


Got the head back last night, it was 7/1000's off in 1 place. It's looking fresh and almost ready to drop. Blocks next and parts were ordered today.

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