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Questionable wiring


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That is the turn signal unit. The electronic flasher does not have the tab on the side of it that holds it in place like the silver colored one it replaces. Use some zip ties to hold up out of view and you're good to go.


We had a guy here many years ago who tore out all the 'unnecessary wiring'. (we warned him) He then spent the next 8 months pestering everyone to help him figure out how the wipers worked because winter was coming and the rain setting in. Then the heater and turn signals because it was October and too cold for arm signals, then the horn. He's long gone now and I can only assume he is a victim of Darwinism.

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Ok gotcha. Just wanted to know if it was some temporary fix that I was going to have issues with later on. I'll zip tie it out of sight. Another question. I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. My truck doesn't have a tach and I'd like to install one. My truck is a 78 and I was wondering if someone had a link to a how to thread on it. 

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1 hour ago, Justin620datsun said:

So maybe the old one stopped working and someone did that? Turn signals and everything work I was just curious why it was there. 

It looks just like the one I had to buy to replace the old turn signal flasher in my 521.... as long as it works.....

It looks like the silver one is unplugged.... so if everything works maybe its replacing that unplugged one...

As far as the tach adding one is simple...

Usually 3 wires....

Ignition power 


And signal from negative side of coil....

Mount where you wanna.....

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The old style units were driven solely by load so the more lamps, like a trailer, the faster they flashed. If one burned out the speed was much reduced or even stopped. Newer ones are electronic and the pulse rate is fixed, however if one lamp burns out you won't know it.


Wrecking yards are full of them and they fit nicely into your pocket.

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The 620 had a tach option and the earlier Darsun 110 or 1200 had the same one. You could try an ad in the classifieds but probably cheaper to get something after market and mount it in the dash on the far left side.


Wiring is best done using the tach instructions you buy. The '79 does have the tach option wiring plug tapped up in the harness just above the left hand side of the dash. Some of those wire could be used including the illumination.

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