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Fender Emblems....


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I know they are not 620 emblems, but thought they might look good?


It's just so white with no break up......the original emblem holes are gone, so I'd need to re-do or maybe just trim the tab off and use 3M bonding tape? Is there a measurement source/dimension for the holes?








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16 hours ago, adwest said:

Look like 510 fender emblems. I have some extra 620 DATSUN ones I'd trade ya for?


They are actually Z emblems I bought online from a Nissan dealer. But they messed up and sent 2 sets, so I do have an extra set......not sure if I want to trade, I'm kinda a hoarder!


Got any pics of the set you have?



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 Nissan added the  BY Nissan to prepare the public for the elimination of the Datsun marque and the preeminence of the Nissan name on it's North American products, around '83.  After '83 the Nissan logo usually was given priority in size and by '86 the Datsun name was eliminated. ☹️

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Not at all or everyone would be driving a Datsun Juke or Datsun Murano or Datsun Rogue. Spare me that!!! I'm glad Nissan went this way and now I have a piece of history that does not exist in any form today. How would you like it if Nissan stayed Datsun and for 2020, were to reissued a retro 620???? and you stop at a light and some 20 somethin' pulls up and starts jabberin about how great they are and really has no clue about them. Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I would make a right turn and get out of there.   

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Aaaannnnddd,......Back to the original topic.


The fact that the emblem is white and outlined in black, the vehicle is white really does it for me. I would install that in a heartbeat.


There I have added my 2 cents worth.

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19 hours ago, FrankRizzo said:

I used the reduced size emblems from Z Car Depot on my fenders. Similar to  yours, but 2.5 inches shorter









Hmm, wished I'da known about those! Nice...

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