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Stock '72 510 brake rotors needed - anyone have a current source


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I have done some searching of the internet of most car parts sources and not found any stock 510 front brake rotors.


These are the 232mm solid rotors (I think) specific to the early '70-'73 510, not the B210 and later '78-'80 510 which are 245mm (even though many sites just say "fits 510").


I appreciate your help in finding these, or correct me if I am wrong on sizes/fitment. If you can direct me to a source with them in stock to buy that would be great.


Raybestos 9074R may be correct, but I have not found any available. Summit has them on special order and Jan 21 est. ship date and $53 each.

Nothing at Autozone, O'Reilly's, NAPA, pepboys, Amazon, EBC, DBA, JC Whitney, partsgeek.com, rockauto, 1aauto





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Call the later '78- 510 an A-10 (which is what it really is on the VIN) or even an HL510 as this denotes the L20B engine which was never used in the original 510, which you can call a PL 510 indicating an L16. This is what I do and eventually everyone will.

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4 hours ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

Rockauto shows those Rebestos. for a 72 510.

Crap I hade about new 6 rotors and gave them away

Yes, they show the 9074R as fitting the early 510, but when you add the rotors to your shopping cart, rockauto says they are currently unavailable and removes them from the cart.

and they are $53 each, about the same as at Summit. I may have to just wait and order from Summit and pay the $$$. Thanks.

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