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Transmission ID help wanted

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Over on my project page ('72 510 Goon Prova) I am trying to figure out clutch parts for the VG33 and 5-speed I have. I can't find any definite answer on what car the 5-speed came out of so am looking for someone who could confirm. I am told it is from a 200SX S12 V6. Here are photos - I have seen no numbers on this but have not de-greased it yet. If there is a model number, where would it be?


Here it is:










I sure do appreciate any assistance to confirm before I start buying parts. Photos of the connecting plate are on the project page.

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If from the VG powered 200sx they it should be the same as that used in the '84-'86? 300zx non turbo. Apparently the exact same VG30E was used inboth. 


What flywheel are you using? What's it out of? What's the engine out of? Were both wheel and engine imported? If so no real way to know. If the 200sx clutch bolts onto it then it will work. The perfect solution would be the flywheel from the 200sx VG30E but... 

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I inherited all the pieces with the car that I was told would fit together with me getting any plain VG33. Turning out to be a wee bit more difficult. Here's the shorthand list of what I think I know:


VG33 is from Japan and no way to know what is was from. Serial #223560 and came with auto trans flex plate.

Unknown flywheel, not believed to be imported - there seems to be two diff VG versions with diff PP locator pins.

Trans could be from 300ZX, uncertain that it is from 200SX as stated by P.O.


I don't mind buying a new flywheel along with clutch kit to match the transmission if we can know for sure what tranny that is.😊


I will still need a couple of gusset brackets (engine to trans) and a cover plate and a whole bunch of bolts.


I don't know if there is any other information that I can get about these pieces. Every step I make forward, seems there is an equal and opposite step backwards.


Cheers, M







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The engine and the transmission only have to match each other and bolt together.


The transmission never has to match the clutch and PP. The transmission has no interest in what clutch and PP is used on it. Likewise the PP doesn't care what transmission is behind it.


The flywheel has to match the engine. In other words it must bolt on and the starter engage properly.


The flywheel determines what PP will bolt to it. There are (usually) larger and smaller PPs with different mounting bolt patterns. For example the 300zx turbo and the VG30E used in a truck application use a larger heavy duty clutch than the normally aspirated 300sx  VG30E.  


The PP determines the release collar (sometimes called the release housing) length. A thicker PP uses a shorter collar, a shorter PP uses a longer collar. The collar length is intimately matched to the PP height to keep the slave cylinder travel the same. A too short collar would see the slave running out of travel and the clutch not released properly. (dragging) A too long collar would see the slave unable to retract far enough and the clutch would slip.


If the transmission bolts to the engine.... continue.

If your flywheel bolts up OK to the crankshaft and the starter will fit and work.... continue.

Find out what PP and clutch will fit it, make sure you get the correct matching release collar and you should be fine. Some PPs are sold with the matching collar, try to find one of those.




This was an automatic so you will need a pilot bushing pushed into the end of the crankshaft for the nose of the transmission to poke into.



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So maybe I am overthinking this?


My flywheel which fits the VG33 and is the same diameter as the auto trans flex plate that came on the motor.



Note 9 holes for pressure plate bolts and locating pin is inside mounting holes.


Clutch kit I will order, also with 9 holes and pin inside. Throw out bearing is matched to pressure plate in the kit and looks like the one I have also. Pilot bearing included too.



I just need to verify that the clutch disc is 24 spline to fit the transmission and that takes care of all the stuff fitting together.


The tranny does bolt up to the engine too, I just need to get two gussett brackets as in the below diagram:




And cover plate that fits between trans and engine plus all the bolts for everything.



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9 hole mount was used on the 240mm PP and likely on the later 250mm? on the 300zx VGDTT and 350Z with VQ35


I've never known Nissan to have anything but the same spline.


Tap the pilot to start and then drive home with a block of wood. It's soft!


Looks good!!!

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Does the pilot bushing fit the input shaft of the transmission?  If it does and it fits the crankshaft then install it.  I think it is easier than you are thinking.

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