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Super super deal on 510 rear brake shoes $$$


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amazon is selling Centric rear brake shoes for the 510 on sale for $9.91. That's half of what I paid in September from Amazon for these same shoes.


The shoes are correct with leading and trailing. They fit perfectly and have lots of friction material. It all went together easy as.




Don't snooze on these - I even had to stop and think about buying another set to hoard save.



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Ordered! With exchange and shipping just over $30 CDN, still better than trying to find them locally, waiting for them and paying $60. Having them delivered to my work. I got a set of 510 shoes at Canby years ago for $5 and let them sit. Couple of years ago I finally put them on my 710.... perfect fit. These will likely fit the 610 and maybe the S10 and A10? I don't need them but I have them. Thanks again.


Amazon cancelled it and now it's $22.

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Must be Christmas. Have had several notices that the payment was denied so tried the Canadian Amazon (don't know if there is a difference or not) but then shipping info shows it's on it's way. Still $22 but not sure if in US or CDN funds. Fuckitall as long as on the way.

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Well several notices the payment fucked up but w/e they showed up today. $22 CDN. I'll be going through my brakes before 'Canby' and see how they are. I put 510 shoes on a couple of years ago, so they should be ok and I have new in the box wheel cylinders. So tentatively I'm ok for just about... ever. 

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