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Canby=Powerland NW datsun meet


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And some more photos of random neat stuff:


A coupe



Wagon with a super clean swap




super clean - it's a beauty...




not to ignore some of the other variety






and talk about stuff(ed)




All in all a great day and the start of a wonderful new annual meet!

Next year I have got to have my wagon done!

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Easily can say this one was my favorite place for a Datsun show not only was there plenty of room for a ton more cars and then some, but also the park has a lot to offer!  Those in doubt I can say you will save a lot more money coming here and have more monies for parts to buy.  First year I can say was a great success, Keizer is literally 10 miles away for good food, pilot Is just around the corner too, very convenient spot.


Wanna thank Jay for stepping up for putting on a great show I will be there next year and so on!  It was great seeing familiar faces and new as well a lot of cool builds of all sorts.  Don't miss out next year guys Jay said next year he will have Friday-Sunday, money literally goes to the park to keep it open the more people show the more they will want us there every year.

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10 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

Got anything of the camping area?

Hi Mike, hope the trek across Canada is going well! 

 The camping is dispersed unless you have an rv and need hookups. You can camp next to your ride or venture out to quieter parts (52 acres) if you don’t want to be close to the show area or near other groups. This year most people just found who they wanted to tent near and made little villages haha l! It was great!

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5 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Got anything of the camping area?


Draker got a few but this one for example.. Keep in mind there is a couple spread out  behind him in this picture.  


Most went to hotels so pretty quiet but as if you look squint real hard at this pic there is Phil's BMW parked waaaay over to the left in this picture .. There was a Orange 620 camping in a grassy area about 20-30 feet farther over than that.. The picture of Fat's A10 parked next to tractor is just to the right of this picture ,, those things made up that whole right corner (just out of pic) you could pitch a tent very close to them . 


Remember back about 5 years ago ( before the shrinking parking thing) new campers would ask about camping and such and old timers like Skib would simply say "Dude,, don't worry about it just get yourself there"  Well that's the answer again. 


Probably a lot less stupid shenanigans are going to happen though,  as there are a couple caretakers in golf carts that don't take no shit roaming around all night .. As for late night adulting without stupid shit ,, one visited with us at Casa el Popup ( pictured) at past 12am and was very nice to us,, just checking up on our Costco propane fire pits and such. 



AA++ will trade again.


3 hours ago, Draker said:

This was a great event! The venue is top notch. Thanks for putting it on Jay!!









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Also if you want to be even further away... there is another 10-15 acres of open land behind all the buildings in the back ground. Absolutely no lack of space. 


Amazing venue!

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Very well done 🙂    Truthfully our group had an amazing time and one of the better shows that we have been to in a while.  Was very laid back.   I give you props man, you did it great and i hope to see it keep growing every year to the size of what canby was.  

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I think meeting and bullshitting with @WAGON JON and @hang_510 was the highlight of the show. That and drinking a bottle of rum with @jdub_one on the balcony of Motel 6...


I'll be back next year for sure. Thank you @jbirds510 for putting on the show. Whoever was the tie breaker for me loosing best of show can kiss my.... 😂🤣 

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On 6/9/2019 at 7:01 PM, MicroMachinery said:

Thank you jbird for putting this on! So great to see the torch passed to a worthy steward; really looking forward Powerland meets in the future!

There was no torch pass it was dropped by dnw and Jay grabbed that thing by the balls and lit it on fire again 

This was a great turn out for a low key first time show and really the unknown 

Jay you did well talking with the people at Powerland and making this happen what great people and the people working in the museums were wonderful also the lady planeing and sanding old lumber for rebuilding thethe floors on the people movers was very nice 

She told me there is 62 acres inside the gates and 14 acers outside the gate for visitor parking 

Everyone was respectful camping area was plentiful as well as parking 

Vendor space and shade 

We had an awesome time and can't wait to come back to Powerland 

Thanks again Jay for stepping all over the plate to make this happen 👍

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