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i need help & guidance

hi i am new and having trouble with carb on 82 720

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22 minutes ago, i need help & guidance said:

i found this

rebuild kit with accelerator pump


it has the part i need .. total is $ 39


That's a good price if re-building it, a bit steep just for one part.



19 minutes ago, i need help & guidance said:

i also found this carb .

but it is for the z24 engine it says




3 hours ago, datzenmike said:

The 720 gas engines were all Hitachi.

The L20B was 340 or 30/34

The Z22 was a 342... or 32/34mm

The Z24 was a 384 or 34/38mm bore. Unfortunately one of the stud holes on this carb does not match all the others so it won't swap. 



I just measured and confirmed this. The accelerator pumps are likely all the same but just to be safe order for a Z22 truck..



Also too cheap to be good. It says from Australia but I bet it's trans-shipped from China. A factory carb, if you could find one today, would be well over $860

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Re; fuel check valve. Two lines to carburetor- one from fuel pump, other returns to check valve and into tank.

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I think that plastic is bakelite. It's also used on the piston on the front oil bath struts...





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