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R200 LSD options/setup

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So I've come to the conclusion that I will never find a stock longnose R200 LSD for a reasonable price, and I'm shopping for aftermarket solutions for my 4G63 powered Datsun 510. I've basically landed on the Tomei 2 way clutch unit, but I'd like to get others opinions on the topic. I mostly street drive my car, but I do autocross events and I'm hoping to make my first road course event in January. Is a 2 way the right choice, or should I look at 1.5 or even 1 way LSD options? This is going in a light weight chassis (lighter than any vehicle that came stock with an R200), so should I be concerned with the engagement setup? With a clutch type, you can swap out the stacks to get a particular engagement and slip. Would anyone recommend doing this over the "stock" setup? I have a feeling that the standard "out of the box" setup might be too harsh. I plan to do the install myself, so I'd like to have as much info as I can before proceeding. Also, since this is a longnose unit and the aftermarket options are for the shortnose units, who still makes the bolt sleeves to make this work? I think Z1 used to sell them, but I haven't seen anything lately.


I'm open to advice and options. I'd rather not get an OBX unit, but if a mechanical LSD is the best choice, I might take a chance. Are there any other concerns I should be aware of before taking the plunge?

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I believe you can buy an aftermarket LSD kit meant for the short nose R200 and use it in the long nose R200 as long as the long nose you have is from the last of the Z31. (1987-89) Those will have the 12mm bolts inside and match up with what also came in the S13. I tried to find an article or video to confirm this for you but I came up short.


Beyond that I don't have any good suggestions on 1.5 or 2 way. I don't have any experience with LSD. I just bought a factory Nissan one recently but haven't even gone through it yet.

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I've driven on a few Tomei R200's (for the late model cars, not the early diffs) and loved them right out of the box. They're pretty tame for a clutch type, especially when compared to a more aggressive NISMO GT PRO that make the car sound seriously broken when making low speed tight turns from axle binding. One of our guys here at Z1 has one in his 580whp 350Z, which is an absolute machine. Amazing how easy the car is to control on power when compared to the stock worn out VLSD, which is scary inconsistent. We use Red Line Slip Friction Additive which helps smooth it out at low speed and eliminate all of the annoying chatter. 

If you want the more streetable option, the 1.5 way is the way to go, since it is has less aggressive lock-up characteristics on decel/braking which gives it a bit more neutral feel and better control.

Clutch Type Diffs:


1-Way: Weird setup, from what I understand they behave somewhat like an open differential. Supposed to be nice in FWD applications, doesn't seem like there would be a benefit in our applications.

1.5-Way: Less Aggressive Decel, Best for tight courses where you make quick left to right transitions, like autocross for example. Much more forgiving than a 2-way differential, usually my go-to choice.

2-Way: Full lock-up during decel and acceleration, good for road racing at high speed, not as good for technical courses with tight corners. Great for producing oversteer because of its lock-up characteristics so drifters love them.

(Spoiler alert, I work for Z1 so feel free to PM me with any questions.)

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