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New member, I joined a while ago and have been mostly reading, searching and collecting the parts I need to put my 72 510 four door back together.  It was mostly in pieces when I bought it last year but very clean and rust free.  It did get bumped in the back and I'm working on replacing the tail light panel with a replacement from futofab.  My plan is a nice driver that my wife and I can autox and have some fun with.  I've wanted a 510 for a while but they are difficult to find in the midwest, I'm in IL suburbs of Chicago.  I found my 510 in PA and road tripped out there and back in one weekend with my wife to buy it.


Lots of great info on this site and I've been spending more time hear than the other site so I though I would just start asking my questions hear.

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510 in the MidWest is a rare bird indeed. Welcome to the rat pack obrut. Here's some advice off the bat: Start a build thread on Project Dato, and start an account at a photo hosting site so you can post picts. It's the best way to communicate as a picture speaks a 1000 words. It also lets us know you really exist. I use flickr but there are many others. Research and be as specific as possible with questions, it shows people you're serious. Otherwise members may have a tendency to trail off into other topics or argue one product or solution vs another. 


GodSpeed getting your project back on it's wheels,  ??

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Welcome to the party, and looks like a good starting point as far as the car. I remember seeing my first 510 2 door back in about 74 while going home on the bus from high school riding down Roswell Rd in Atlanta every day. I was hooked ever since that day.

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Zero unfortunately, collected a few more parts, getting ready to assemble one of the engines I have for it.  L16 with flat top pistons, l18 cam and a a87 head that I'm going to mill down and port match to a cannon intake with dcoe 40s.  I have all the parts I just need to do the head and assemble.  I also want to clean and strip the bottom of the car and paint it and the engine bay before installing the engine.  I finished the other project I was working on a few months ago, 5.0L and t5 into a 94 miata.  So now my time and some money will go to my 510.

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It is an open chamber head, I had a post going in the engine forum about it.  The other engine I have is going to be a l20b but I would like to build it into a lz2.3 with my u60 head and the L18sss carbs and intake I have.   I'll buy a new cam for this engine when I get everything finalized.


I would also like to build a draw through turbo L16.  I already have a bunch of stuff to build this laying around.  This would just be for fun, just to try it.



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Nice!  Do you know Steve Bonk in Chicago?  Might be a good local resource for you, as he is neck deep in vintage racing 510's & Z's!  Let me know if you need his contact info.


Check the port size on the intake vs the cyl head........there are two dual Hitachi SU manifolds K14 & 220, one is small port, other is big port.  U60 head should be big port.



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