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Swiss, our '77 620 king cab


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Hey everyone, about 2 weeks ago the wife finally located our project to work on, a 1977 king cab 620. When we went to see it she was rough shape , neglected, and tired looking. But we both looked past the rust and saw promise. We agreed with the seller on a price and the next day i headed over for the title and to pick it up, the seller provided the tow to my house and we were set!










so we found rust on the bed, which we expected. so now we are in the process of removing paint to see how bad it actually is ( just one side) we will go over the damage, and will make patch panels for both sides. previous owner decided his fix was a ton of bondo and slap paint on it!






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found out how to post pics :)
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welp, went farther today with taking the paint and bondo on the side and unfortunately the front bedside has completely separated the bed floor. Might have to start looking for a whole new bed.   


front pic just cause the angle looked good. 



And if the bed wasn't the greatest news, we started her up to listen to it run and ole swiss decides she wanted to leave a puddle. looked like it is coming from a rubber hose?

do 77 have a gas return to the tank? if so looks like mine is rotten. We probably should consider replacing all rubber lines now.


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So we haven’t done much to the truck since Sunday, I am trying to get the car to fire up and run steady. Seems to need a carb rebuild probably from sitting for so long. Possibly a good time to change fuel filters at the same time. 


Funny thing I got it to somewhat idle and tested out the A/C and it still blows cold ?

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