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Anyone I know still around


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It’s been crazy. Moved to Mojave. Drove my 620 from Washington to SoCal with no issues. Then it had an electrical fire that roached the cab harnes. Trailered my 240 down there and loved the empty desert roads of the empty antelope valley. Moved back to Oregon. Finally back on my feet enough to start playing with datsuns again. Replaced the harnes in the 620 and am slowly bringing it back to life. When I got it put together and it came right right back to life like I was just driving it yesterday was awesome. Until it remembered it was pissed off at me for not screwing with it for so long. Immediately popped a heater hose. Fixed that. Took it for a drive and runs fine until I go up a hill or anywhere where it wants the secondaries. Then it stalls out and dies for a while like it’s out of fuel. Pop the air cleaners off and find literally all my vac lines split and rotted. Also the line from the fuel rail to the carb rotted, collapsed, and kinked. Checked the carb and it’s spotless (on the inside) So that’s what’s planned for my thanksgiving. My 240 tho... runs like a champ. 

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