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Tribute to Dave (pumpkin210)


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Hello Ratsuners...



It's been quite some time since I've posted or been active here.    Still been in the datsun game. 



Anyways.  Am blessed with the honor of getting Dave's infamous 210.    The drive train has been swapped out to 200sx.  Including the engine/transmission.  Rocking the 2.2 motor from the 200sx. The fuel injection stuff is gone.  But it will be running a weber 32/36 for now.  Later down the road some side drafts would be sweet.  For now the goal is to go over the brakes, hoses, bearings.  Drop the fuel tank and clean it. Replace any hoses while it's out.   Get the it running and driving. Going to leave it mostly as is like Dave had it.  And just drive and enjoy it.  I will be taking it to car shows like Canby and such so other people can see it and remember him also.  Paint scheme will remain the same.


Only thing I'm planning on changing, is putting a dashboard back in it.  Maybe swapping out the wiring harness, and then seats.



The intake and carbs he had on it were stolen. The hood is gone, too.  Also the rear seat is missing, along with the slotted mags.



If anyone has the following to donate to the cause, that would be cool!


Slotted mags for it

Rear seat

Door panels

Weber carb

Front seats





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I so wanted this, but do not have any more space. Good on you for taking it on and thanks for posting here :)


There is a fastback in the local yard, I can't remember if it had a hood or really what was left on it. I can go take a look again. 

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Update.  Picked up the car about a month back.  Have got the engine out of the car.  Have cleaned out the inside (read swept, not scrubbed).


Got the tie rods figured out.  Need to figure out tension rod yet and some other bits.  But so far, looking like it will line up and come together.  Some people have generously donated parts to help get it on the road.

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